Monday, 12 January 2009

Purple Goodness

No, it`s not a giant eggplant/aubergine, it`s DHs gift to me...My DH is a true romantic, so if you don`t want to read about this Lucky Ducky, turn away NOW LOL, you`ve been warned. He said it`s this Christmas, Valentine`s, wedding Anniversary, birthday, & NEXT Christmas present rolled into one!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful, made by him, just for me...& for about 2 weeks I had to walk backwards into the study(he didn`t want me to see what he was working on!) & my scrapping stash was turned upside-down by him, (my rub-ons are still recovering LOL), & he did have an accomplice (DD helped him with colours & some ideas) & she never said a word! Anyway, I won`t show it in all it`s glory, as it is a very personal gift, but I will show the outside of it, covered in beautiful purple velvet... The inside is made up of 50 pages, single-sided, with photos. Now, my DH is NOT a scrapper, but he does have a way with words, & has done a beautiful job with this book, I was in tears when he handed it to me (& not just because he`d used things I had stashed away for different projects LOL) Each page has a beautiful quote, poem, song lyric or his thoughts put to paper, & each one is as heartfelt as his love for me. "I soar towards the clouds with all my senses alive when you are by my side"
The art-work on the front & back cover are prints by Brian Nash, a local (Victorian) artist whose work we love, front cover depicts a scene in Lavandula farm, a charming spot in Daylesford, & the back cover is a scene in Venice, Italy, one of our favourite places we discovered together a few years ago, & where we hope to return soon :)


Cuchy said...

WOW!!! Qué maravilla Vicky. Tienes un marido excepcional. Sólo el hecho de crear algo especialmente para tí, lo dice todo de él.
Felicitale de mi parte. Es un trabajo precioso y lleno de cariño.
Cuídale :)
Besos, Cuchy

Maevan said...

Ditto Cuchy :)

That's so nice...I'm swooning. Do you think if I sent my DH your way some of it would rub off on him?

I think it's worth sacrificing a few rubons for...and you now have permission to replace you scrap supplies

Sandie said...

Oh Vicky, I have tears in my eyes reading this and looking at it. This is absolutely gorgeous. What a treasure!!!!!! I too love the lavender prints - gosh this is breath taking.

Lucky you and very deserving obviously.

Well done Mr Vicky!!!!

Luv Sandie

Lyn S said...

Wow, your DH has some great talent Vicky......and what a treasure he is for making this such a special gift for you!