Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Are You Puzzled?

Here`s something I`ve had in my stash for a long time, something I just HAD TO HAVE, & yet it`s taken me months to finally use it... It`s a Cuttlebug die in the shape of puzzle pieces. I saw it at the last craft show I went to & I just had to have it, but it took this month`s challenge over at Inkurable Stampers to get me to play with it, I had bought it & promptly forgot I had it (!)

I got the idea for the "flowers" the other day, remember this? I had to use some wire hangers as I didn`t have any other wire that was thick enough to hold up those big puzzle pieces...I cut, shaped, & colored them using a green Sharpie. The b`ground alphabet is a great stamp from Victoria`s Secret , & I used the same stamp for the lettering. The "leaves " were handcut with a pair of small zigzag scissors from previously painted pages from an old book. I also decorated the tin using the same painted paper, letters & ricrac in purple & red.


Anonymous said...

wow love this it looks gorgeous.Where do you get the time.. i just thought i better let you know i tagged you on my blog..
in a great fun memory photo thingy
Marie Simply said

Sarah Schwerin said...

Great work Vicky! :)

Lyn S said...

I was just about to tell you that I've tagged you for the photo game too Vicky, but it looks like Marie has beaten me to it, LOL!

I LOVE what you did with your puzzle pieces....very inventive!!