Tuesday, 27 January 2009

For Marie

I was tagged a few days ago, but had not had a chance to post about it...Thanks Marie... And, I cannot BELIEVE THAT POST about Paris Hilton LOL (!)

*****Photo Memory Game****
Here are the RULES:
1.Go to where you store you pictures on your computer.
2.Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH picture.
3.Post that picture on your blog along with a SHORT story about it.
4.You know the rest. Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email then letting them know you chose them.

Here`s my photo...sorry to disappoint you Marie & (she wanted to see a photo of me LOL), but the only photos I have in our computer are either craft-related, or the ones taken by DD with her digital camera. Anyway, this is our little pooch, Cuddles (in need of a hair-cut LOL) We`ve had her for 14 years & a bit (she`ll be 15 in March) & although she doesn`t look it, she`s getting very frail, & her hearing is going. She still loves to have a play with DD in the garden, but she tires more easily now & I can`t remember the last time she went out for a walk...She has always had a beautiful temperament, & has been a great companion to our DD (& her friends LOL). She has had a great life, & we are dreading the day when she will have to leave us...but we are enjoying each & every day we have with her, isn`t she gorgeous? I feel a LO coming on : )

& now I must tag 6 people...I don`t think I can reach that quota...
1 Meavan
2 Lyn
3 Cuchy

& if you take your time, don`t stress, I know we are all busy with life :) TT4N

1 comment:

Cuchy said...

Hola guapa! Muchísimas gracias. Siento no haber pasado por aquí en un tiempo, pero como tú dices, apenas tengo tiempo para nada.
Me han encantado tus últimas ATC's. Te debo una. Espero tenerla terminada en unos días (o semanas) ;)
Gracias otra vez. Intentaré sacar tiempo para poner mi 6ª foto.
Un beso, Cuchy