Monday, 1 September 2008

First Day of Spring

It`s the first day of spring in our part of the world...I love spring, with all it`s newly formed blooms, lots of chirping birds, cool sunny (if blowy)weather. I had hoped for a more productive/creative weekend, but we had some family commitments to take care of...still, I did try to take part in Scraptacuar`s CC, but our computer did not let me do the live chat thing. Still, I`m happy to report that I did get one of the challenges done...Challenge #2, to do an LO (Lay-out)using the colours blue & green + one other colour (I used red) The photos were taken by DH during our stay in Sydney a couple of weeks back, & they are some of my favoutite photos...There was also a sketch challenge, as well as a challenge to use something from your stash that was really old & daggy (I would have used some flower die cuts or some Sesame street paper that I bought 5 years ago LOL) The intentions were good, but I think the deadline of Sunday night just wasn`t long enough for me. I`m happy I got at least one challenge I better get back to tidying up our wardrobe (I was only going to do my woollens, but one thing led to another, & now I have most of my clothes & ALL of DH`s in a big pile on the floor!) I hope everyone else had an enjoyable weekend, thanks for visiting, & don`t forget to take your Zyrtec LOL


Maevan said...

I love that shot of the floor mural V.

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