Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Some More ATCs

I thought I would add a couple more ATCs to my blog, these were made for my Yahoo group as well. The first one with the Monalisa image was for June`s theme of art/artists. The second image was for the month of July, the theme being Crowns.
For August, the theme was Circus/Carnival, so I got out my trusty Cuttlebug embosser & went crazy with the Kindy Glitz LOL. The last one was done as a return, the image of the bodyform is from a NonSequitor plate (a favourite), it has a bit of beautiful vintage cotton lace I picked up at the Packing House Antique Store in Mornington.
I absolutely LOVE making these little creations, & the fact that each one is so different...& I know that every time I take part in a swap, the ATCs I get back are beautiful little works of art, & each one is an endless well filled with ideas & possibilities, so long live ATCs, & just in case you don`t know what ATCs are, it`s an acronym for Artist Trading Cards. If you`d like to know more, check out this link It`s one of the most informative articles I`ve come across on the subject. That`s it for now, if you`ve read this whole post I`m sorry I didn`t put a "Warning: Long Post Ahead", I`ll save that for the next post LOL. In the meantime, like the song says "Don`t Worry, Be Happy..." (& don`t blame me if that song is playing over & over in your head now) TTFN
P.S. Moodiesfan left this link for me, Go check it out, lots of great information there too. Thanks Moodiesfan for the great link.


Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to know more about artist trading cards and their history, or how to make artist trading cards, they may be interested in a couple of articles I've written.

soyouthink said...

Hi Vicky,

Just popping by to wish you all the best in the SYTYCS comp :)
Can't wait to see your creations.


PS Love the ATC's.

Maevan said...

Those are cool. Which one is for Judith's swap?

Vicky said...

Ha Ha, I won`t put that one in my blog until they are in your hands, so you`ll just have to wait... :)