Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Hello Again...

No, I haven`t disappeared from blogland...just had a nice break & went to Sydney for a week. Had a lovely time cruising the harbour, doing a spot of shopping at Manly (DD loved all the surf stores, especially Roxy) checking out the Opera House, the craft market at The Rocks, as well as visiting the huge Aquarium at Darling Harbour (which was just being built the last time we holidayed in Sydney) Such a beautiful city, & the public transport there is so much more efficient than our own here in Melbourne.
Anyway, I`ve been busy catching up on ATCs, I have this lot that were created for a swap hosted by yours truly, & mailed back on my first day back...
The first one is the one I made (with the can-can dancer), the second one was made by Peter C, the third one is Conny`s, next up on the left hand sideof the bottom row we have Judith`s, followed by Mez`s, & last but not least is Jude`s. The theme was Advice, & as you can see they are all gorgeous...The swap was run through the SBT50 forum, & we are all members there.
Next up I have a couple of JAM swaps that I have been volunteered for (Thanks Helen LOL) I like doing these, as it`s a collaboratory work between 3 people, where we each add something to the ATCs, & here`s 2 I prepared earlier... The 1st one was such a lovely image, I just added the word LOVE & used some metallic thread to do the large stitches on the side. The second one was a little harder for me as I wasn`t sure what it needed, but as soon as I thought "love my cat" the cogs started to turn, & next thing I knew I had a crown for the cat LOL.(I also added the card trim, the tiny heart & the paw print) Jean P, & Helen C are the other 2 collaborators.

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Maevan said...

Those are really nice V. Figures that Mez would be throwing Maxine in there :)

I have to admit, I did enjoy living in Sydney and you would look to visit as soon as we leave *pout*