Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Have A Look...

Marie & Co have opened a beautiful cafe in the heart of Warragul, & you can have a look HERE, enjoy. Don`t you just love the concept? Inspiration all around, the cafe not only houses some very delicious-looking cakes, muffins etc, but there`s an assortment of art hanging on the colourful walls, & what`s more, there`s a SCRAPBOOKING store right there as well!!! Talk about being spoilt for choice, coffee & cake OR craft, coffee & cake OR craft, you can do BOTH LOL. I`ll come & visit soon Marie, & you better save me a piece of that yummy-looking cheesecake : ) Congratulations to you & yours on your new venture :)

On another note, I have come across this very informative blog, but b4 you visit, make sure you get a snack for yourself, as I can guarantee you`ll be there for quite a while...ENJOY

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