Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne

I'll be going to THIS great craft show Thursday, anyone else going in for some crafty retail therapy?        I'll be catching up with Nicole  (CRAFT QUEEN herself) who will be doing a couple of workshops (check HERE for details, she's doing Workshop 4, and her stand is F01)  but this will be the first time I'll actually be looking at quilt-related stuff...I only found out recently what a "jelly roll" is!(I KNOW, where have I been LOL)     DD would like a hand-made quilt for her bed (of course, what other type is there LOL) so I'll have a look around and see if I'm brave enough to take the plunge, I know there's a reason why I haven't tried my hand at quilting, too much measuring does my head in..something tells me I 'll have to talk her out of a quilt and into a new doona cover, at least until I have done a couple of beginners' classes  : )     Ooh, I just realized Rachel Greig will be there as well...me thinks it's going to be a fun day!!!


Jenxo said...

oh wish i was going thurs, my friends are ...but am thinking id like to go sat .....im with you on the quilting, i hate the measuring, does my head in..lol

Lyn S said...

Hi Vicky, I won one of the tickets Nicole had on her blog, but have to wait for it to arrive before I can go! Sorry we cant catch up this time. I'm looking forward to seeing Rachel Grieg too!

As for the patchwork, I have a couple of UFO's here, LOL!