Wednesday, 25 March 2009

DarkRoom Door "Filmstrip" Swap

Early last week I received my returns for this great ATC swap, but as I was busy with life, I`ve just had a chance to scan & upload (my scanner has been playing up again...) So here they are: The first one is mine( I used GM on the filmstrip image), then there`s ROBYN`s "Nature`s Beauty"(with the lime & lilac colourway), followed by Helen`s Freedom(with the marbled red & black papers), then on the second row we have LEESA`s "Ebony & Ivory"(with the musical notes ribbon), followed by Simonetta`s (with the star-shaped paperclip), & Sandra`s "Venezia"(with the tiny map of Venice), then on the 3rd row, we have Wendy B`s "Music"(with the beads at the bottom), followed by Karen M`s "Explore" (with the very tactile frame), and Rhiannon R with "Dream"(with the tulip image)...thank you ladies, they are just beautiful.

My second lot of returns is as follows: The first one "Journey" is my offering(with the scrunched-up b`ground & the sewing), the second one "Some Assembly Required" is by Tracey S, & next to hers is Dallas`(both ladies included an assortment of tiny nuts & washers to go with their images, how cool!!!) Now on the second row we have Samantha`s (it took me a while to work out who Bud Abbott was, of "Abbott& Costello", the actors not the politicians LOL) & next to her we have MARIE`s "Adventure" with a great "crakled" effect on the filmstrip, & speaking of crakle, ROS has used a similar effect for the background of her "Rock&Roll" ATC. On the third row we have Sarah`s "Freedom" ATC with one of the brand new filmstrip images & words from the DRD Wilderness Vol 1 range ( great b`ground, I think she`s used the "flick" method...), We then have "Best Mates" by Sarah P (love the sewing) & last,but, by no means least, we have Damaris` "Passion" with the UTEE corner & the shimmery b`ground...Thank you ladies for taking part in the swap, & Thank you Rachel for organizing it. BTW, If you`d like to see much better photos of the ATCs, Rachel has put them up in her gallery HERE :) Go check it out....

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