Saturday, 7 March 2009

20 Years...You Still Rock My World!!

I felt the earth move last night...& before you get any funny ideas I`d better explain that we had a bit of a tremor here, 4.6 in the Richter scale, according to Geoscience Australia , I have to say it brought back memories of my childhood, having grown up in Chile, where tremors & earthquakes are commonplace, that`s one thing I don`t miss LOL.

I`ve been away from the computer for a while, I`ve been trying to finish a little book I`m making for my other half, to celebrate the fact that we`ve been married for 20 years (february 28th was our wedding anniversary) We`ve actually known each other for 23 years & have lived together for 22 years...Like the old saying goes "Time flies when you`re having fun" LOL. I thought I had given myself enough time, but I think I was working on handyman`s time, oh well... I will share a bookmark I made for him (I`ve made him bookmarks before, but he doesn`t use them, saying he doesn`t want to wreck them, so this time I told him he HAD to use it or else...)

On another note, my cyber-friend Cuchy, alerted me to an ATC exhibition happenning in April in New Jersey (USA) if you go HERE you can read about it, so I`ve been busy creating for that as well as making some return ATCs (which I can`t share just yet)
As a consequence, I`ve missed 2 of my cyber-friends birthdays :( Sorry Lynn & Sandie, I hope you both had fantastic birthdays, & look out for (very) belated birthday cards in your mailbox soon :)
& Don`t forget you have until the end of the month to comment on THIS post to go in the draw to add THESE to your ATC collection... Bye for now & have a playful & inky weekend :)


Cuchy said...

CONGRATS on your anniversary.
Your hubby will use the bookmark, for sure. It's beautiful.
I can't wait to see the ATCs in the exhibition.
FELICIDADES a los dos por llevar toda la vida juntos.
Seguro que esta vez, como tú dices, SI usará el bookmark, porque te ha quedado precioso.
Espero que el temblor sólo os haya dado un susto.
Ahora a esperar las fotos de la exposición :)
Besos, Cuchy

Lyn S said...

Congrats on your 20th Anniversary Vicky! Love your bookmark...hope your DH uses it (maybe you should laminate them for him!).

Great ATCs the 'vision' one!

Yngvil said...

Perfect gift for my mother. Thank you for the inspiration!