Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Warning: Long Post Ahead

Firstly, check out my Nicho entry over at Inkurable Stampers, & let me know what you think...

Secondly, Sara has kindly (!) tagged me LOL, so now I have to share 6 things about me that you may not know already...

1. I`m terrified of spiders.

2. I`m one of those annoying people that are calm, cool & collected under pressure (unless there`s a spider in the room!)

3. I`m a perfectionist, & this is constantly brought home to me by my DD who tells me I`d get a lot more work done if I wasn`t sooo pedantic about every little thing : )

4. The only house I`ve ever felt that I could just move right in & NOT change a single thing is Gaudi`s beautiful Casa Batllo in Barcelona.

5. I actually enjoy ironing, I find it very relaxing.

6. I cried the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower IRL.

So now I`ll tag 3 bloggers, & see what happens LOL. I think I`ll choose Lyn, Maevan & Cuchy as I`d like to know a little more about them...& while you`re blog-hopping, have a look at Lyn`s brad placement tutorial, what a clever idea.

Thirdly, I had a great time on Sunday. Where did I go, & what did I do? Well, Paperific was on this past weekend, & although the venue was in the Melbourne showgrounds (which is all the way across town for me) I still managed to go. I even managed to do a couple of "make & takes". I don`t know about everyone else who happened to attend, but I felt as though it`s gone back to being a great papercrafters destination. On previous shows I found the whole thing was being taken over by scrapbooking (I like scrapping too, but the reason Paperific works so well is the mix of exhibitors JMHO)

So, I did the Collections "m&t" with the lovely Jen Crossly using some of their great chipboard stuff (I was just in time, as after I got there they were not doing any more, as it was nearing closing time)

& I finally managed to do a "m&t" at the PipeDreamInk stand, as every previous show they`ve been way too busy, or I`ve rolled up too late...but not this time. I took in a great demo by Niamh, who showed us what can be done with Fantasy film & opals, she makes it look sooo easy LOL. Sue did the "m&t" which was a butterfly cb shape, inked & stamped with Stazon, & covered with 3 coats of clear opals, it looks great, if I say so myself LOL.

I`ll be back later with some pics of the lovelies I purchased at the show & a couple of other things...


Cuchy said...

Ufffff demasiadas cosas que decir: Tu Nicho es espectacular. Me encanta! AWESOME. La idea de la verja estampada en el cristal es genial y la cantidad de detalles que has puesto. Precioso y muy en tu estilo.
Ya me vengaré por haberme "tagged" jajajaja. esta noche si tengo tiempo, contaré algo más de mí para que cotillees (nosy ;))
Qué suerte haber ido a esos talleres. Tu tag y la mariposa son muy creativos. Enséñanos qué más has comprado... Besos, Cuchy

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Absolutely LOVED your Nicho Vicki! Your work is just so inspiring and breathtaking!

Sami said...

Nice Nicho!!! Already left your love at Inkurable blog. Nice to *meet* you! I owe you a RAK. Email me your address please! B-) Sami

Lyn S said...

Love your Nicho Vicky......I didn't realize they were so small until I saw your fingers holding it! I've left a comment on Inkurable Stampers blog too!

BTW thanks for the tagging.......I think!

Jenxo said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Pity we didnt cross paths to swap atc's and i loved the Collections stand! Your m/t looks heaps better than mine! jenxo

Barb Conroy said...

Vicki, I love what you have done with your Nicho. Those cute little bare bums!!
~xx Barb xx~

Maevan said...

Everything that Cuchy said plus I love the little bums in the Nicho. I'm expecting to see more gum nut babies now

Jen Crossley said...

So Lovely to meet you on the weekend glad you enjoyed the make and Take I just saw your Nicho its AWESOME!!!