Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hello world...

OK, here I go, I couldn`t let a little thing like time stand in the way of technology LOL. I hope that by having a blog, I will be a little more focused on creating, & a little less tempted to add more to my ever growing stash...I will try to post at least once a week, but don`t hold me to it, & don`t freak out if I happen to post twice in a week, though I think that`s very unlikely. Now I`ll be off to create SOMETHING, just to keep things marginally interesting. Thanks if you`ve read this far, & if you haven`t, you`ll never know what you missed :)


Vicky said...

Hi mum!!!
i think ur blog looks, like, totally kool with a k! I absolutely luv it! L.O.L! Totally random!
luv ronnie xxx

Lyn S said...

Well done on the new blog Vicky! Hope to see lots of creative stuff here real soon.

Hugs, Lyn

Anonymous said...

hi mum!
its me Ronnie! i absoloutly LUV ur blog, its, like, totally random and kool with a k! Sooooooo cool, seriously!
luv Ronnie xxx

Maevan said...

On your way there Vicks

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hey V2
Welcome to the world of blogging, I love my blogs. I have to add you to mine list asap.

big hugs