Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Playing With Dominoes.

A few days ago I used a stamped domino for my entry into this month's Crafty Individuals challenge HERE, and Shirley wanted to know how I prepared the domino...   It's a very simple process, just get your domino & wipe it over with some window cleaning fluid (I use Windex, which is also what I use for cleaning my stamps, funnily enough I don't do windows with it, LOL)    I'm sure you could also use something like methylated spirits, but Windex work really well, as all you're trying to do is to get rid of any oily finger marks etc.
These are the dominoes I have (picked them up at a garage sale for $1) and they have a tiny screw which I removed fairly easily with a pair of pliers prior to cleaning, to make it eazy for the domino to sit flat on my card...

 So, after removing the tiny screw, I just wiped the domino with some Windex, let it dry, and covered with StaZon ink (you could also use Sharpies to colour your domino, alcohol inks, or even acrylic paints)

I gave the ink a few minutes to dry fully, and then stamped my image by inking my stamp with black StaZon ink, just make sure you stamp the image and LIFT it straight off to avoid smudging.      I then allowed the image to dry and gave the domino a coat of Dimentional Magic (keep a pin handy to get rid of any bubbles) then just allow the DM to dry and add the domino to your chosen project, I stuck mine down with PVA glue, as it dries clear.      I'll be back with a finished project using this pink domino as soon as I get a chance, but in the meantime have a look at Kimberly Crick's website, which is filled with some great information, and has some gorgeous galleries full of beautiful projects (unfortunately she doesn't sell to overseas visitors, but I live in hope...)    In the meantime I will "Keep Calm, and Carry on"

BTW, are you a fan of STAMPBORD tiles?    Did you know they are having a great competition?    Have a look HERE for all the details, and just in case you've forgotten, they also have a great archive of fun projects HERE

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shirley said...

WOW Vicky! Thanks so much for doing this for me...I am so inspired to try this one ASAP!
The link to Kimberly Crick was fabulous. I have bookmarked it.
I am thinking of trying the Distress Stains on the dominoes. Will let you know how it turns out.
Now, where did I last see the dominoes......