Saturday, 7 August 2010

Twinchies Canvas

Warning...Lots of photos ahead! Last week hubby had his 45th birthday, & this is the present DD & I decided to make for him. It was a project that was meant to be finished during the school holidays, but for various reasons (sleep-overs, family get-togethers, hubby being at home LOL) I was still working on this up until a few hours before DHs birthday, the main thing is that he loved it, & DD enjoyed the process! She did a few of the squares herself (the purple b'ground & gold leaf, the three tiles with the swirly butterfly, the tulip, the maple leaf embedded into the hot glue, the lady with the white gel pen "hair", the brown button on the wax & paint b'ground, the purple heart with the rhinestones, & the little girl with the wings & crown (all her own ideas) 9 out of 36, not too bad, right?). We used many different papers, stamps, chipboard pieces, inks, die cuts, string, rhinestones, glue (& glue gun), shrink plastic, printed words etc.
Initially, we planned on doing a larger canvas (this one is 12"x 12") but we just ran out of time...maybe that's something for hubby's next birthday : ) Other than for the fact that I was stressing out over cutting it soooo close, I really enjoyed playing with the 2"x 2" size. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for visiting, & see you again soon :)


shirley henry said...

Lovely canvas Vicky!
Your daughter did a wonderful job on her art squares. I enjoyed looking at all the close up photos. TFS!

Gio said...

It's a wonderful piece of art! you and your daughter (hope DD means that) are a great team!

You inspire me every time!

Lyn S said...

Wow, Vicky, what an amazing job you and DD did with this project!

Anneke said...

Lovely project, very beautiful, what a nice gift!

Leesa said...

Oh Vicky, this is stunning! I bet your hubby loved it.