Thursday, 13 August 2009

Are You a Hoarder?

OK, hands up if you are a hoarder! I think crafting & hoarding go hand in hand...we are the original recyclers, reusers, repurposers (is that even an actual word?) I`ve just had 2 weeks of procastinating, shuffling "stuff" from one side of the room to the other, trying to find a proper home for things so I don`t have to get rid of stuff that I know I will use (eventually LOL) & I`m happy to say, I`m winning the war... & I think I just have to remind myself that I can`t "keep" all the cardboard, I CAN put some in the RECYCLING bin, & NOT feel guilty about it, I don`t have to KEEP everything for a rainy day, or "just in case"

Anyway, on with the show & tell.

Firstly, I was awarded the "Idyll Hours Award" by LEESA (thank you LEESA) & as I read the title of the award, I was thinking that maybe it should have been "Idle" award, as I haven`t been posting much lately LOL. So now I have to share 10 reasons why I love to blog:

1. It beats housework ; )

2. Great way to share my creative attempts

3. It`s just fun to think that my blog can be viewed by people from anywhere in the world (Hi CUCHY & MAEVAN LOL)

4. I can have a whinge & there`s nothing anyone can do about it.

5. It`s a fun way to make & keep connections with cyber-friends (& real ones as well)

6. When I find something interesting online, I can let others know about it

7. It makes me feel as though I`m keeping up with technology ; )

8. It`s an easy way to keep a visual record of my varied crafts.

9. I can share as much, or as little as I want.

10. It`s just plain fun :)

So there you go, & now, if you`re reading this, consider yourself tagged LOL

Now, just in case you thought I was kidding about tidying my scrapping area...
This is why I haven`t been able to scrap!!!!!!!!

But I was able to do these for the July SBT50 CC:

The Christmas card was for a card blind challenge, which I was lucky enough to win (thanks Victoria & SBT50)

I was also kept busy making this for a little friend...It`s the first time I`ve made an apron, & I`m so happy with the way it turned out, I may just do another one for DD & one for me as well :)

I was going to share my entry for this month`s MUSIC theme over at INKURABLE STAMPERS, (& if you happen to be an ELVIS fan, you have to check out Sarah`s great samples) but I had a bit of a boo boo with my butchers`knife while preparing dinner, & ended up needing 4 stitches on my left thumb...I was very tempted to take photos, but DH didn`t want me to bleed out LOL so he took me to the Doctor`s to get stitched up (will share it as soon as I take a photo, my entry, that is, NOT the stitches LOL)

That`s all for now folks...I shall be back :)


Lyn S said...

Love your Christmas card and the apron is so cute Vicky!

Hmm, I think my craft area is messier than yours..and when I do clean up, I can never remember where I put anything! Hey, I reckon that June 1966 Annual on your desk is the same one I was given as a child.....way 1966!!

Better stay in your craft room....kitchens are too dangerous! Hope your thumbs heals quickly! Ouch!

Cuchy said...

jajajaja me encantan tus posts tan largos. El delantal es precioso. Las flores son de fieltro (felt)? Ha quedado genial!.
Comprendo tu "síndrome de diógenes", a mí me pasa igual ;)
Siento lo de tu dedo. Me pasó lo mismo hace unas semanas en la playa, y aunque no me tuvieron que coser, me pusieron la vacuna antitetánica (que duele más). Tampoco me dejaron sacar fotos al dedo jajajajaja.
Me alegro de leerte de nuevo.
Un besazo, Cuchy
p.s. too lazy to translate... ;)